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An organic essence reflects through every facet of Lalita Jewellery. Drawing inspiration from earth's treasures; the ideas of the lifecycle, change in nature, an exploration of composing elements theme of landscape and inexhaustible beauty of the natural world.

" Every piece I made is a reflection of nature’s fertile color fields, subtle textures,

tiny intricacies, small imperfection, and unexpected juxtapositions.

​I love that my jewellery is the celebration of an organic form and an imperfect beauty that is natural and attainable - A beauty that will continue to change and evolve over a lifetime".     


Lalita uses only ethically sourced materials, and all pieces are carefully crafted in her Sydney atelier. Jewellery collections are available at Francis Street Atelier.



Lalita Peeranan is a Sydney based Jeweller, Designer, and Silversmith, and

a founder of Francis Street Atelier - Jewellery Workshop & Boutique in  Darlinghurst, Sydney.


Lalita had a background in Communication Arts and Project Design Management before she turned her passion for three-dimensional design and metalwork, and this led her to study Jewellery Design - Gold and Metalsmithing in Melbourne,  Australia. In 2006, her curiosity to explore brought her to Florence, Italy, where she did further study in contemporary art jewellery.   

Lalita moved from Italy to Amsterdam, Holland and set up her shared studio on a boat where she worked as a contemporary jewellery designer along a side with a Dutch Goldsmith for a few years before returning to Australia in 2012.

Lalita works across a variety of mediums combining traditional silversmith techniques and contemporary aesthetic - Moving between small series collections and private commission.   

Photo by Alletta Vaandering

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